Multi Grain Mix

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Edible Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed Oil and/or Palmolein Oil), Puffed Rice (11.3%), Rice Flakes (11.3%), Peanuts (11%), Corn Flakes (10.5%), Sorghum (Jowar) Flakes (9.3%),

Flavor Roasted

Shelf Life

6 Months

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When you put Green Gram, Bengal Gram, Bajra, Peanuts, Cornflakes, Watermelon Seeds and many many desi spices in a bag and shake it to Cha-Cha-Cha music, you get a bag of healthy fun.

Add to that the benefits of High Fibre, Protein and Zero Trans-Fat and the fun never ends.

Try Bikaji's Multigrain Mix and you’ll know what we mean.

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Bikaji Funkeen Multigrain mix

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