Production Capacity

  • Our four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities hold a total manufacturing capacity of 400 TPD, producing 300 products covering a wide range of Bhujia, Namkeen’s, Sweets, Papad, Western Snacks, Cookies, RTE, frozen foods amongst others; makes us one of the largest manufacturers of ethnic snacks.
  • All the manufacturing facilities are set up in the hub of Ethnic Foods market with manpower with the experience of more than 40 years.
  • Manufacturing facilities comprises 18 production halls, to manufacture different categories of products in different manufacturing setups, separated physically to ensure the best hygiene, uniformity and authenticity of the product.
  • These production halls have 20 Frying Lines, 6 Roasting Lines and 140 Packing Machines operating completely online.
  • Our canteen caters to 2000+ employees
  • A Dormitory with an occupancy of 1000 individuals provides a safe, secure and comfortable living environment.
  • To ensure safety from fire, Firefighting system with 10 Lac+ water storage, multiple pumps, and 20 Fire Hydrant Points at strategic positions have been installed across the facility.
  • 100+ smoke detectors at critical points in the facility have been installed.
  • Have installed 300+ HD CCTV cameras and Security Surveillance room to ensure round the clock security monitoring.

Manufacturing Plant Features

  • Total plant area- 60,000 m² (40,000 m² built-up, while the remaining is dedicated to Green Area Development)
  • Utility section area- 1,890 m² (Including Thermic Fluid Heaters with the capacity of 10 Million Kcal/hr, air compressors delivering 1,800 CFM/hr and power backup of 3000 KVA)
  • 6 Groundwater Recharging wells connected to Rainwater Harvesting inside facility premises.
  • ETP Plants with a capacity of 1000 m³/Day, 100 m³/Day*2 respectively and 100 m³/day of STP for treatment of water, making the facility a Zero Discharge Facility.
  • All systems operated, controlled & managed by the latest ERP system of D360, by the ERP Market Leaders- Microsoft.
  • Certifications- ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, BRC issue 8 with ‘A’ grade, HALAL certification, EIC approval for milk products processing establishment, APEDA approval for peanut-based products processing.
  • Machinery- processing, production and packing machines imported from Germany, Australia, Netherland, China, Taiwan, Italy, USA etc.
  • Quality and Testing- Fully equipped chemical and microbiology laboratory in the factory
  • Raw material storage- 2,814 m² divided into 2 storage housing areas
  • Well-trained and best in the field team for maintenance of the plant and ensuring the quality of products


  • We are the largest manufacturer of Bikaneri Bhujia in the ethnic snack industry, with a production capacity of 100 MT/day.
  • There are 50 traditional Bikaneri Bhujia kettles, equipped with the latest technology to maintain the Ethnic Authentic Taste of Bikaneri Bhujia, which are made by the manual process of extrusion through the hand. This also preserves the many generations-old art of making Bikaneri Bhujia by skilled manpower.
  • To increase the scale and quantity of Bikaneri Bhujia, we have a fully automated production line dedicated to Bikaneri Bhujia manufacturing.


  • First in the industry to manufacture Rasgulla on a Fully Automated manufacturing line with best-in-class tech software embedded like SCADA.


  • We are the leading manufacturer of Papad, producing 20 MT of Handmade & Crispy Papad every day, empowering women across Rajasthan.
  • 3000+ women workers freelance with us for papad production

Future Expansion Plans

  • As a part of Energy conservation Initiative, we have plans to install 2.5 MW of Solar Power System in the financial year 2020-21
  • We will also be installing 150 TR of the VAM (Vapor Absorption Method) system, with a refrigeration capacity of 150 tonnes using the waste fumes from the Fryer chimneys.