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Rasgulla: Milk-Solids (Chena) (Milk Casein Balls) (8%), Sugar (46%), Rose Water and Preservative (INS 224)

Rajbhog: Milk-Solids (Chena) (Milk Casein Balls) (9%), Sugar (44%), Water, Rose Water (0.25%), Cardamom (0.025%), Saffron (0.0025%), Pistachio, and Preservative (INS 224)

 Kesar Kaju Katli: Cashew Nut (45%), Sugar, Almonds (3%), Pistachio (3%), Clarified Butter (Ghee), Cardamom, Saffron (0.007%), Acidity Regulatory (INS514)


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Pack Contains

  1. Rasgulla Gol-Matol - 1.25 kg
  2. Rajbhog - 1.25 kg
  3. Kesar Kaju Katli - 250 gm

If you are fasting, we have the perfect combos for you.

For snacking, for desserts, for offering as 'bhog' or just distributing happiness. There's a Navratri combo to suit each and every one. 

Rajbhog, kesar kaju Katli, Rasgulla sweets are made from 100% Cow milk. It is suitable to be eaten when fasting.

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